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The Homeless Streets of San Francisco

Poetry is the food of the soul. It's my greatest contribution to the world and an area I can always grow.


Human waste and piles of trash

Hands held out for petty cash

This used to be a growing town

Now it seems a battleground

Cries for help, they go unanswered

The helpless treated just like cancer

Rubbish heaps that serve as beds

The daily struggle of getting fed

Not enough to go around

On the brink of shanty town

Street fighters and dumpster divers

All just struggling for survival

The system’s broken; it’s out of order

Getting worse with every quarter

Shopping carts and piles of needles

Infections, bleeding, and even measles

Disease and filth found every day

City leaders that have lost their way

A plastic pail and worn out chair

People passing just don’t care

Turn their heads and hustle by

Avoiding contact from their eyes

Canvas tents on every corner

Mothers, sons, friends, and daughters

Homeless camps are taking over

Complete collapse is coming closer

Doors are locked, so are windows

This changing city; San Francisco

HI-tech jobs and higher rent

Affordable housing came and went

Two worlds exist in the same city

Where wealthy people have no pity

Get them out, make them go!

Ship them off to Mexico

Or Canada or just far away

Take their trash and leave today

Call the police and clean things up

Or instead, throw a dollar in their cup

Help them up; your fellow humans
Let’s join hands and start a movement

The problem isn’t getting better

We need more than words and letters

A human solution to an inhuman situation

To stop the pain; end the starvation

Show the world what we can do

Let’s all help; me and you…

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