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The Hills Are Calling Me


The Hills are all calling me, they're now calling out my name,

Everything is changing, rearranging, not to remain the same.

Our earth is now crying, all dying, its real tears fill up the seas.

The soil's being poisoned, and they're cutting down the trees.

They say come to us, and please leave this bad place behind,

City streets are full of smoke, now to seem you're going blind.

All of the water is so polluted now, and it is killing all of the fish,

Every Breath taken makes you cough, as it dashes every wish.

This is the last time before it's late, so do move away from there,

Seek the country air, it's so fresh, the sky here clean and so fair.

It's plain to see that no one cares, or to try in making any change,

As if all are held under some mysterious spell, is so very strange.


Our children each have saddened eyes, so hurts our heart,

We cannot bear, to tell the truth, that we have played a part.

All had the chance to change the world, lost it along the way,

Now is too late and time is so short, for all we can do is pray.

The sun is dim, no more so bright, our only prelude to night,

Getting hard to tell a difference, if we squint to help our sight.

The once blue skies, now so grey, the poor birds afraid to fly,

Mountaintops all hidden by fog, once rolling streams now dry.

We must get away, and find a new place now to call our own,

This feeling so strong, now we don't belong, all are so alone.

Our Father in heaven sees our state, knowing it's not our fate,

He will give us peace, all sadness cease, will keep us straight.


The hills are now all calling me, to come and to leave this place,

The time is so dear, not will we fear, or to live in such disgrace.

We'll hear their call, never will we fall, not seen without a trace,

Our creator and maker of this fine world, now each of us to face.

The Lord God, on high, with His sigh, forgiveness always shows,

Our humankind, He'll not leave behind, as this, each one knows.

Starting all over once again, despite every sin, now our devotion,

As the heavens do wait, God at the gate, love deep as the ocean.

The hills are calling, fresh rain is falling, now's a better place to be,

A new world awaits, is within our traits, a strength we'll find, to see.

He made us all strong, here we do belong, and never to leave again,

As we say our prayer, in the precious air, each breath give an amen.


© 2018 whonunuwho

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