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The High Point Of My Evening

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Hearing My Wife Laugh

When we talk

Things we do

Watching the sun come up

If it is sharing something on the Internet

Enjoying a funny movie or a sitcom

Spending time together

They will always be the best times to remember

She can be in the other room

Watching one of her many cooking shows

Then off to different fixer uppers like the Real Estate brothers

She loves the way they change things

The before and after

I can get lost too

Then the day is over

I try to half listen and write at the same time

Often I will open a book

Let my mind dream away

Thinking of all the things I love to do

Letting my imagination go wild

As I get dressed for work

Leaving in a bit

I won't be home till late tonight

Just before I leave

I talk to my cousin who lives in Pennsylvania

We both compare the good and the bad of our day

Trying to motivate each other

To get more done

The sun feels so bright

It is like nothing else matters

The snow is melting slowly

As it glistens in the light

© 2022 DREAM ON

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