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The Hidden Silent Pain

It Becomes Unbearable

A toothache it is

Bothering me constantly

As I try to ignore it

It just attacks me with full force

At first thought it would go away

My teeth sometimes are very sensitive

When I get a head cold

They remind me how uncomfortable I can be

I get fidgety and can't focus

I don't like loud noises

All my senses seem to be super keen

I don't have any desire to eat

I have made a dentist appointment

It is still two weeks out

I think irrational and try to pass it off

I pretend to make sense of it

As if I was captured and being tortured by the enemy

They slowly make me crack

It is me against myself

An inner turmoil I am forced to pick a side

I take to alieve

It is suppose to be for toothaches

They do help but even they have their limits

I try to think of anything to distract my mind

Each second feels like an eternity

As I open and close my mouth

Make so many facial expressions

I am not proud of

I don't have a high tolerance for pain

Each time I think I am getting stronger

By roughing it out

I am in the verge of tears

My teeth have always given me trouble

Years ago my family dentist told me I have soft teeth

It is hereditary from my parents

You do the best you can taking care of them

Brushing and flossing

Then you learn to deal with it

I find myself daydreaming and sometimes talking to myself

Trying to find a way

To work things out

No quick remedy

For that matter

A long painstaking process

Where my wife offered to help

I said there is nothing you can do

I have to wait it out

Finally I have relief

The pain has temporarily disappeared

I plan on going back to sleep

Not a minute to waste

Hopefully if it begins to act up again

I will be too far in dreamland to be pulled away

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