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For All The People Who Misses Someone

Jinky is a poem, letter, and an art lover person. She is not good at expressing her emotions that is why she writes.


Tonight's moon made me wonder,

If you also love staring at this,

This astonishing and wondrous thing.

And yes I'm hoping because if not,

Would you admire it for me?

I want to spend the night with you,

Watching how it goes higher,

And bigger, and closer,

And disappear at an instant.

Or maybe, just maybe,

I'm drowned with the idea,

Of you wanting to be my moon someday.

I love you and I'm missing you right now,

I don't know what just happened to us.

Maybe the moon doesn't really had feelings.

It is the perspective of a person who looks at it.

Yes, i am sad because you are the person,

Who makes me believe that love could be so beautiful,

That love is the best feeling, and that love is forever.

Unfortunately, it just happened that,

It is the same person,

Who makes me feel the opposite meaning of love.

But I realized that is not the end,

There is much brighter things to come,

And I just had to learn that,

Love is not always seeing the beauty of a person,

But to also love and embrace his flaws,

And that we cannot say that love is not the best feeling,

If you haven't feel that it is also bad,

And lastly that love is not forever but it is infinite.


© 2018 Jinky Marie Manalo

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