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The Heaven Broke Then the Color of God Revealed to Me

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

God's Color

God's Color

Dark clouds filled the skies

A thunderous boom echoed beyond and trembled all life

I saw two winged, then I saw four

I saw Ezekiel wheel sour

The sun suddenly appeared and the dark clouds strained

I saw preachers of wickedness run to hide but their hearts were already stained

The trees howled and the rocks and mountains shift and praised

The righteous was glad, pure hearts lifted their heads happy and amazed

The moon came fourth and glorified the sun

The dark sun came forth, thine kingdom had come

Animals of the land, air and sea all made calm

Haters of race and color hearts got disarmed

Presidents and Prime minsters, economy and finance now had no merit

They were terrified of what was to be has they had killed mankind with lies, words had no merit

Then a second boom was heard and a gigantic bolts of lightening could be seen in the firmament

Within the waters above the Creator had his residence

Then the word om basted across the skies

And then the spirit came fourth and behold he was in man's eyes

Oh righteous ones, now we can see who you really are

You have lifted our vibrations for us to understand God

Your are of light and you are of darkness

You are pure, untouched, unbound, you are life of life.

Then the spirit moved across the heavens and and stretched out his hands

The shadow of God made us flesh less and our soul was up on a heavenly stand

He opened his mouth and out of it came a deeper dark

Our souls were swallowed up and some still remained flesh

He opened his mouth again and the swallowed souls became beings of great light

That merged with the waters above and soon were out of sight

Those that remained weeped for mercy as they were not made one with God

But to forever be damned on earth.

© 2018 Clive Williams