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The Heat of the Day

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I Found A Way To Stay Cool

Stay in

Not just throw the T.V. on

Lay back on the bed and take a nap

But actually clean

I have been meaning to do it for some time

Things come up

Things get in the way

Another day goes by

There never seems to be enough time in the day

Well todays the day

It is hot and sticky outside

I have the day off

I am going to pull out those old boxes

See all the things that I have been meaning to get to

Unfortunately never found the time

The odds and ends to living a full life

Look through them once and for all

It is early in the day

I just ate a good lunch

I have the whole day ahead of me

Turn up the music

It makes sense

I won't be distracted

I will look over things I have saved

See what to keep and what to give away

Shake things up a bit

I am going to do a lot of bending

It is O.K.

I need to stretch more anyway

My wife has been so understanding and supportive

I tell her I have to do it in my own time

She often offers to help

I really don't know where to start

Then when we goes to throw something away

I say I need that

I tell her I have to do it on my own

When the time comes

I will ask you for when I get stuck

For now I am on my own

You had to go to work

I am home alone

I had a good night sleep

I played with our cat

Washed the dishes

Through in the laundry to get washed

Later I have to go out to water the garden

Now there is nothing stopping me

Some days you aren't meant to be outside

This is one of those days that make you feel clammy

I am killing two birds with one stone

I get to stay in the house with the A.C. on

I have a chance to make my life cleaner and more organized

To streamline my life

Keep going where I want to go

There will be times I drift too far in one direction or another

I lose my way

Temporarily and it happens and I am aware of it

One of the drawbacks of being a creative and imaginative person

It is easy to start one project

I remember my father use to say it is better to have a few irons in the fire

He never told me

If you have to many irons in the fire

You might just get burned

I had to find that out for myself

My wife does a good job of reeling me in

One of my biggest pet peeves is having too much food in the refridgerator

Then something gets pushed in the back

We end up throwing it out

Money wasted

Time is money

I feel the same way about clutter

When we look for something and can't find it

Time is wasted

Money thrown out the window

My father use to say

You might as well just burn it

If you burned a twenty dollar bill

People would think you have lost your mind

Luckily we can find another way

Put our time to good use

Use the things in our life that we bought for a purpose

For the right purpose

In the future when we see something we might really, really want

We know we might feel the urge for some strange reason

If we let time pass

That urge slowly goes away

When all is said and done

We may find out we didn't need what we thought we did after all

Now we have more space

More time and more money

Best of all

We came to this conclusion all by ourselves

I don't think I have ever heard of people talking about cleaning

In such a unique way

Especially with a smile on their face

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