A Poem for My Mother with A Commentary on the Effect of Dementia to Family Members

Updated on December 15, 2018
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Paul is an Engineer. A graduate from a Catholic University. A rebel and a romantic...

This is a photo of my mother and my brother taken in 2008. She was so healthy and vibrant back then.


I wrote this poem to describe the sadness our family is going thru after my mother was diagnosed with dementia and parkinson's disease. She got sick in 2014. According to my father, sometime in summer of 2014 my mother got a sprain and just stayed in her room for a month. For a month, she did not talk with anyone and just went out of the room to eat or use the bathroom. When she finally decided to get out, my father noticed something strange -- she cannot write anymore. My mother has diabetes and based on literatures presented to us diabetes may have a role in the development of dementia and parkinson's disease.

She had therapy for years but her condition continued to worsen. Now she cannot do things on her own and barely talks.

I have been away from home for 5 years so she cannot remember who I am anymore. It's really sad to see the woman who taught you how to dream and face the world succumb to a degenerative illness.

But our family must remain strong and keep the faith on God. Now is the time for us to show unconditional love to the matriarch of our family. The mind and body may fail but faith,hope, and love will remain.

The Heart of My Mother

She is sitting on a chair
Looking at me with a blank stare.
When she was young she was so fair,
Now she can’t even comb her hair,
Her mind fading away like air.

Through her I was born in this world.
She taught me how to read, write, and pray;
Growing up, she was my backbone;
She celebrated my milestones;
With her care, courage was unfurled.
But now to time she is a prey.

I thought she was invincible
But life is unpredictable;
Each year she is wilting away.
And each time I think of goodbye,
It feels like the end of the world.
I dread to hear her final sigh.
That day all courage will be furled.

How many prayers must I pray?
For you, My God, to make her stay…

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    © 2018 Paul Balagtas


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      • Paul Balagtas profile imageAUTHOR

        Paul Balagtas 

        4 months ago from Philippines

        It is heartbreaking Ms. Joan but we just have to accept the fact that our earthly bodies will fail and just focus on the truth that in heaven we will have new bodies that will never fail...

      • profile image

        joan rivera 

        4 months ago

        heart breaking.......so hard.

      • profile image

        hasmukh A mehta 

        5 months ago

        Even God preferred her womb for birth

        and adored her till the death

        such was her position

        in the matter of human relation

        she is an embodiment of real love

        we too have believed

        and loved her so much

        she is admired as such

        she must be looked after well

        when her age suffers to tell

        about the old age effect

        we must come into act

        we owe our existence

        and show our allegiance

        she should remain happy

        and peacefully end the journey

        We have no words to praise

        But we can raise

        Her status to that of God

        So we can ever remain in her fold

        Hasmukh Anathalal Mehta

      • PoetikalyAnointed profile image


        5 months ago from US

        Amen to that.

        Peace, Grace and Mercy is everything!

      • Paul Balagtas profile imageAUTHOR

        Paul Balagtas 

        5 months ago from Philippines

        Hi PoetikalyAnointed! In the early years I have been making prayers that force God to heal my mother....Now...though it still hurts....I have accepted that it is part of his plan....So now I pray for peace and joy despite this...

      • PoetikalyAnointed profile image


        5 months ago from US

        Oh Lord, Bless your heart, Paul!

        Your loving words of your mom broke my heart! I'm sorry for your family and I pray that God will bring strength, peace and mercy to you all.

        It's never easy to see a loved one like this. I've experienced this to some degree and it does break your heart.

        I hope writing about this helps you deal just a little bit.

      • Paul Balagtas profile imageAUTHOR

        Paul Balagtas 

        5 months ago from Philippines

        Yes it is....I actually left our home for a job in 2014 and I finally returned home this year she cannot remember me anymore....Wrote the poem during her birthday this year....

      • shanmarie profile image

        Shannon Henry 

        5 months ago from Texas

        So hard to watch someone forget people they love. Your poem is a testiment to the pain.


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