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The Monster Is Haunted

Monster has broken my shackled gate,
Stroked as he wanted to share his doom;
To cry envy o' my very fate,
Monster has a man inside its loom!

It's eyes were covered by evil's laugh,
It's tongue was filled by abusive say,
In bruises it's soul was never tough,
Spitting fire for the wrath of each day

This monster grew from reflected sin;
Bullets of the past to ricochet,
Matters not the angel he had been
When enough bodies to Demon pray!

He is the son of tears and despair,
And this monster has millions o' kin,
Life thought what, to make the darkest pair?
Who picked the whole planet as victim

Destiny ne'er gave man his wanted:
Pure harmony among the people,
So the town must act, save the haunted
For peace of the world, once and for all!

© 2019 Eyji Noblesmith

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