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The Hate Poem

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.



Men shooting ladies, love triangle gone bad - I hate em

Reckless drivers tires skid, soon to make a human it. - I hate em

Shouting dummies doing dog fights - I hate em

An ex on you to get get a thousand doggy bites. - I hate em

They put kids in cages, who makes money off unborn babies? - I hate em

Then steals people's land and makes em disappear like a magic wand? - I hate em

These folks hide all the cures, but makes drugs to kill us more - I hate em

Where have all the kids on milk boxes gone? Is it meal time at Mac....- I hate em

Water contaminators, south pole fakers - I hate em

Sirens blinding, dark skin quiver, money on the liver - I hate em

Gloomy looking men, beating up on kids - I hate em

Women right seekers, yet destroying the rights of other believers - I hate em

Secret societies, baby femur on platters - I hate em

Ice wall, globe earth, flat earth matters - I hate em

Crisis actors, crisis writers - I hate em

Reckless "religioners", Bible or Quran clone makers - I hate em

War makers, fat men who cant jump commanding grim reapers - I hate em

Smart phone junkies, cyber bullies and monkies - I hate em

Parents who let their kids rule em, and never gave them a real good scolding - I hate em

Unruly society creators, do as thou wilt slogan takers - I hate em

Fake funeral moaners, disruptive wedding toasters - I hate em

Skin head praising skins, dark skin necks in strings - I hate em

Hate poem writers, negative energy strikers - I hate em

But don't be like me, don't let the hate consume you

Else you will become confused and just don't know what to do

But as for me, I am going to continue hating a bit more

Until evil and wickedness are trampled to the floor.

© 2019 Clive Williams