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The Happy Independent Thinker's Club Bake Sale

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

When you're a little kid, you have all the hope in the world

It's one big sandbox for you to have a big blast in

As the years tick on by, that box gets smaller and smaller

The metaphorical and physical toys inside your treasure trove

Start to gradually disappear one by one; until none remained

Once you hit 40 and that sense of childlike wonder was gone for good

Fox News and all of the other Cable channels eradicated that

With the rotation of each television news cycle

Spouting off which politician and business man was more corrupt

Than the last batch that plagued DC and Wall Street

Their moral barometers on the fritz for decades

Your moral compass gets checked at the city limits of both

Especially with the current administration polluting the airwaves

With malarkey so thick that it's suffocating any rational minded viewers

Turned the formerly optimistic into complete cynics

And the cynics into the disgusted with any type of information now

Preferred to watch mindless sitcoms and cartoons over our new reality

A nightmare where war could reappear depending on someone's foul mood

Corruption lurked around every corner like a shadowy figure

In a detective novel where murder and crime ran rampant

Society turned into a dog eat dog world where Mad Max wannabes

Lurked around every corner with their shotguns close behind

Hate and mistrust uttered by every news anchor

Editorials instead of facts became the norm on every channel

When will the days of being objective return to the program

Has the world gone completely insane when speculation became king?

Tabloid journalism taking over the Edward R. Murrow days of professionalism

Made it hard to believe that the world wasn't falling apart at the seams

Or getting better due to all the chaos as modern day Darwinism takes effect

A little survival of the fittest cutting into the heart of anyone's daily diet

Of seemingly irrelevant information that clogged the airwaves' arteries

Maybe, this once optimistic kid has gone too wise beyond their years

Grew up in the wrong bygone era of morality versus shock value

Likely why this reporter doesn't play well with others their own age

Time to turn off the television and go outside to the play

In a different kind of sandbox

Change started with one person; however small the act.

Let's stop giving the troublemakers more power than they deserve.

Is innocence lost or can it be found again?

Is innocence lost or can it be found again?

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