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The Hangover Time Period

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Dealt with so many differing feelings this month

Hard to fathom so much has changed in very little time

Two important people have come and gone

World still marches on like a fine-tuned machine

Completely oblivious and unblemished by it all

Must have stock in emotional Clearasil or something

Cosmic irony that you're not as significant as you thought

A fly on the windscreen of life's biggest semi alive

One flick of the windshield wipers and you're gone

Managed to survive recent events relatively intact

Able to publicly speak about one of them

Without getting teary eyed in the process

Watched as even the strongest of men getting misty eyed

Felt strange that I wasn't able to do the same

Figured everyone expressed their grief in different ways

Putting one rubber soled foot in front of the other

A little wear and tear on each toe, particularly the right one

Just around the heel, so not completely unscathed by recent events

Strange about returning to the land of normalcy when anything was but

Walking around dazed and confused personified by Led Zeppelin

No longer desiring to put my feelings on display

Like a clichéd art installation piece that couldn't sell

No art dealer willing to touch the pile of artistic dung in their midst

The well has finally run dry this week

Glad that Mother Nature got the memo and allowed the rain to come

Clean the bird poop off the hood of my real, and imaginary, car

A prime example of current mindset

Functioning on a very low setting until Friday evening

Will finally be able to cut loose and allow the well to replenish itself

Ready to have a good rest and a much needed laugh

The universe deemed it so; in order for the sun to come in.

Here comes the rain again to wash away past troubles for the time being.

Here comes the rain again to wash away past troubles for the time being.

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