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The Halcyon Days

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.


Pacing through the wilderness of such beauty outside the isolation,

I hear nothing but singing birds, whispering psithurism and the dancing abundant leaves of trees so natural and pure.

My soul placidly connecting to the surface of the universe as I walk barefoot, the spellbinding sounds of the dead leaves just as my feet touch them, it soothes the silent soul of a wayfarer.

The warmth of elysian as I lie on the fallow earth and the wilderness soothingly whispering with such irenic approach to the chaos of my being.

My soul murmured softly, this Orphic universe touches and gave something within me; what a patience of silence.

As I was lying 'neath the leafy tree the ray of the sunshine on my face so warm and gentle, my heart screaming, what a peaceful tranquil of solitude filled my mourning unrest.

Indeed it was when I feel overwhelmed to where in a dream I run into the wild to bath in silence and let my soul heal with such welcoming tranquility that makes me feel; I ought to live.

It saddened me for it was all just a part of a dream, where my soul wandering around the wondrous land and how wilderness touched my inmost plunged into the isolation of beauty, solitude and silence.

Then, that dream will end with a clouded horizon where the universe start to mourn, just as before the rain begin to fall,

Still, before my eyes open; what a sweet smell of such dewy petrichor just right after the rain fell.

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