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Updated on December 19, 2017
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Shafqat Mushtaq is author of poetry book 'Spring Thoughts: in summer light.' He has 3 year experience as Freelance Writer, and Essayist.

Come O` the guardian of tomorrow
This sacred line of GOD,
Carve them into humanely youth.
Come O` the guardian of tomorrow
And flood drought of the land by,
The shower of rain of wisdom of good-talk.
Come O` the guardian of tomorrow
Do worry, if those walls of bricks,
Do children feel breath of grave there?
Come O` the bailee of buds of Eden
Those thoughts animus and,
Cowardly life, they persist and perish,
The siblings today and ,
Starves them to death tomorrow.
Come O` the bailee of buds of Eden
Sufferings of dark clouds like,
That of ill vision, hopelessness of yours,
Like dark clouds sky bestows,
Like dark secrets of thunders and rain,
All they do is they destroy the,
Bright expectations of seeds underneath the earth.
Does it matter then what it does,
To the hopes of the gardener!
Teacher teaches perseverance,
Teacher provides a student with,
Wings to fly the sky of knowledge.
A book is tool not knowledge, teach him,
The universe is hidden school of knowledge.
Come O` the bailee of buds of Eden
Give them skill and whetting stone,
Teach him how to sharp his tool with devotion,
And affection and hard-work.
Then and then alone have faith,
They can conquer the flying skies of knowledge,
And breach the secrets of universe.
Success teaches us say wrong,
To what`s wrong and right to right, it never
Means to shine in dark by corrupt fame.
Teacher unveils gleams of knowledge,
Confers on his students the same,
Some still crouching,
Some may know how to write ‘A’
Sun hurls the gleams of light,
On beautiful and shiny tulip and,
Sprout its flowers of beautiful colors,
That comfort the frozen eyes of beholder,
Hence fortunes the best vase.

© 2017 Shafqat Mushtaq


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    • shprd74 profile image

      Hari Prasad S 4 weeks ago from Bangalore

      A great dedication to all teachers of the world.

      - hari