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The Green Parrot of Shakespeare

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There in the shadow, there
in the mud-cracked window, a
green parrot cries
day and night: "I'm
God's widow — I'm God's
widows"; there, it reports
like a television reporter—
how the world was created—
in how many days; how God
assembled the tiniest of atoms,
how it dropped bombs on
Nagasaki — how food, fire,
clothes, vegetables were designed,
who invented the commode. . .
the parrot describes these
things all day long.

"Murder most foul — as in
the best it is"; I often times
think of killing the bird...

Afterwards, I watch a Jane
Goodall youtube video, where
she hugs a monkey, and
control myself.

I'm an inventor, I'm
no butcher. I'm inventing
a robot which you
can have sex with. I am to set
the price 60000 US dollars.

God made the world—
what a funny world it
I watch BBC World News
more than I watch YouTube—
and, still I do not tire;
but I must retire,
by now, the world has
aged gracefully to embrace
my inventions. I'm also
a wordsmith, a foundry-
man of language — and I
tell you more than you had
expected of me:

There in the shadow of a
dying star — inside the
heart of a blackhole,
a God created itself, out
of air!
It then laid an egg, and
the egg cracked, and opened
the universe.
The sky was not blue
then — but black darkness
brought pure warmth
from the light~star; a frog
in a pond kept the time; no one
was calculating the

Then a bomb exploded
in the midst of
the black sky!
And behold! Shakespeare
was born in the world!

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