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The Great Hunter

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


The Great Hunter

Here you are, on your way to Hell

You, by your choice, you took this path

What if you fooled yourself with fancy words?

Your thoughts were different

And they, slyly, prepared this track

Now you look around, being lost

You didn't believe in worlds like these you see

The grief has been eating you, for so long

So easy, so sweet, eating you from the inside

The Great Hunter, the fear

Is right behind you, he reaches you

You run like hell, entering the Castle and lock the gates

But you close outside your King too, and

Who else could fight for you, but Him?

And now, who is knocking on the gates

Stop screaming, stop hiding from the Truth

Open the gates and get you out

Get out of the Hell that you have made

Open the gates and look at His Grace, is there

His helping hand is waiting for you

To cross you over the valley of fear

To bring you back to the Promised Land

Be brave and know, You and Him are One!

Sean Dragon, October 1995


Expel the fear to see all the miracles it's hiding from you.

— Sean Dragon

Face Everything And Rise

The fear is the Great Hunter. He hunts us from the first years of our life and for as long as we let him define us, we are becoming his prey. His primary means are delusions. Failure, deprivation, loneliness, death. The truth is that he has so many "weapons" and we give him, even more, every day. We have filled our world with these. We have exchanged the Paradise which had been given to us with a world full of fear.

You can see the fear in the faces of children all over the world experiencing poverty, war, lack of essential goods, moral and sexual abuse.


There is in the souls of all people deprived of their homeland, their families, their freedom, who lose their jobs and their dignity. But also to those who live in the illusion of material pleasures and the constructed and false beauty that can be lost anytime, but which in any case creates a more substantial void than the one they fill.

We are continually trying to escape from this Great Hunter, but from this point, our defeat begins, because only when we turn our back to fear, to run away, we become his game. Then there is no shelter anywhere because you cannot hide from the delusion you carry in you. Because this is what the fear is, and nothing more!

If you fill yourself with Love there is no place for fear.

— Sean Dragon

But as this delusion exists within us, there is within us the Truth, too, that can erase it. And this Truth is that we are the children of the Creator of miracles and the invincible power of Love. And our Father never abandoned us and never will.

He is always there, our King and our Defender against the lie and the fear. He gives us His hand to hold and cross over from the valley of despair and the hell we created and shut ourselves in, to the Promised Land of Love.

Only one move needs to be done, one choice. Choose love instead of the fear that leads us to selfishness, condemnation, separation, hatred and war. Choose Love and then the Great Hunter will become ashes and will be lost.

Make your choice, stop hiding, open the gates to your King, and choose Love.

See that even the word fear is an illusion!

F.E.A.R.: Face Everything And Rise

I smile because Love is eternal, my image will be worn, but my Soul will touch infinity! There is no fear in me because there is only the eternity of Love.

— Sean Dragon

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis

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