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The Great Emotional and Physical Escape

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Looking to break the suffocating bonds of the past

And the idealized misconceptions of what the future should be

Fed up with trying to please others in order to feel good

Ready to accept responsibility for the actions of one

No longer looking for love in all the wrong places

Discomfort surrounded by baby commercials and birth control pills

Looking to avoid thinking too many moves ahead

Due to these uncertain times where planning impossible to do

Getting closer to an unexpected milestone

One that many hopeless romantics wish to never have

The one year mark of their last intense break-up

Know that this singleton better off in the long run

Didn't make it any less uncomfortable to move through

Hard to move on; not from them; that part was easy

Deserved so much better than the dismount they performed

Unable to meet new people due to current events

Wondered if you were the cause and not the solution

Realized that it was your own foibles pushing that on you

Not their need to roam free from commitments and responsibilities

Ready to find deeper meaning in being Ms. Independent

Avoiding the expectations of being on society's timetable

No good ever came from trying to be someone else

Sticking to their timelines and perceptions of what boxes

That need to be checked off in order to move ahead with life

Eager to get past the era of the loser and find genuine substance

Someone who doesn't get amused over stoner comedies

An overgrown Jeff Spicoli nearly four decades past their prime

Searching for amusement in some of the most random programs

A lot of awful reality television and reruns to keep things afloat

Time to take a walk on the not too wild side to shake things up

Steve McQueen planned an escape not quite like this one

Hopefully, he'd approve just the same.

The epitome of a rebel who enjoyed a good escape or two.

The epitome of a rebel who enjoyed a good escape or two.

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