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The Great Beyond in Reach


My thoughts do run wild, across the fields and plains,

Far beyond The long rivers, past the edge.of coasts.

Over the mountains of hope, is the way of no return,

The edge of space, among stars, so means the most.

For in our minds we may attain that which eludes us,

Never to worry about failure or those liking to criticize.

May sail beyond barriers that detain us, up to heaven,

Being all that we may be, its very meaning to apprise.


Its introduction to us each when we were children,

The grand concept of a heaven and all of its worth.

Is then we made the decision to strive for its doors,

Instilled in us all, everyone and from our own birth.

As life moves on, we see the reality of all goodness,

How it means so much to children, to show the way.

What true friendship and caring is all about, in value,

As each of us travels life's roadway in every new day.


The journey of life is so fraught with many obstacles,

Our preparations all done when we were very small.

Armed with a magnificent strength of the good Lord,

Among the rest, faced with challenges to stand so tall.

We take the good times with the bad, moving forward,

Face each new day with the power down deep inside.

Then we are able to make the most at every challenge,

For within our souls we have a strength there to abide.


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