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The Goodbye Room

It is in here that you live your life
After all the things we heard and felt
There is no purpose for ornaments
Everything you need is on display
It's in our heart, why can't we see?
Tell us what was saved not built
We are empty hands before you Lord
We carry no stone, we hold no sword

Are we such an odd lot who mourn
Laughing too soon, dread inside us
Chiming bells, banners raised again
The tracks of memories finally laid
You may board this train anytime
You won't need a map or a compass
Are we too nervous to ride together
We talk of nothing except the weather

Filling the room with all that remains
As we gathered to watch him go
Are these words such a surprise
Or that a man should pass us by
A preacher knew him not so well
His words came from a long ago
Listen, should you one day be unable
Believe, your home was once a cradle

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