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The Good People Are Gone

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It Feels Like An Awful Shame

The prisons are filled

With those who do a lot of wrong

They are a grim reminder

Something is wrotten in the state of Denmark

I heard that as a kid

It stuck in my head

Who really knows what it means

Every day I want to share my great joy and passion

To wake up and feel the craziest of all desires

To have the energy and power

To face the world with confidence and certainty

We must believe

We are here with purpose

We are all so different from one another

Let's celebrate are uniqueness

Instead of trying to change what is wrong

Find a little bit of good in everyone

Remind them what we see

What was once silent

Now is a wonderful victory

The great feeling of joy

The tremendous flow of gratitude

A resilience that carries us

From when we are young

To when we get old

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