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The Good Night Poem


I know the days are getting colder

And the nights are getting longer;

So as you rest your weary bones tonight,

Here's a wish to help you through the night.

I wish you a warm blanket and soft sheets,

A mountain of pillows to help you sleep;

A glass of warm milk or tea

And maybe a book to keep you company.

Set aside the problems in your head;

Don't let them share your bed.

It's alright to keep them waiting;

You can have them back in the morning.

I wish you a warm and peaceful night;

Happy memories to bring your spirit light.

The night is long, the moon is high,

So sleep, my dear, till dawn breaks the sky.

I wish you a deep slumber; sleep tight, sweet dreams.

The night is full of promises, mysterious though it may seem.

May the god of dreams kiss you good night,

And sing you a sweet lullaby in this cold, beautiful night.

© 2022 Bea Forlales

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