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The Good Mood Assassin

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Wondered why the first half of the year vanished

Pondered what to do about the back end of it

Still stuck on a specific emotional stain left on clothing

Ground into things as if it was mud or chocolate

Debated if there was such a thing as pure optimism

Have had some of the youthful glow beaten out of the stuffing

Wished there was a medication for getting over first love burns

Not the kind that you're thinking about

The one where it took the sting out of being able to trust again

Very uneasy to put faith in someone new after it was misused before

Learned to start taking miniscule baby steps before running ahead

Rebounding into something or someone else regrettable

Also pressured into fitting in a pre-conceived package

Smiley and cheerful all over when nothing of the sort

Put on too many masks; no clue which version real deal

Just another hamster stuck on an endless wheel to nowhere

Walking on an unrealistically sunshine colored road

Eager to punch a clown in the face for no good reason

Tired of searching for an imaginary pot of golden joy

Woke up on the wrong side of everything and everyone

This week felt almost like an internal and external tug of war

Climbing out of a privately man made ditch for the millionth time

Not sure whether to be fed up or look to invest in stock for ditches

Or even marry some hapless ditch digger who can help make one

And dig you out of their latest creation if absolutely necessary

Needed to learn the art of digging oneself out of such messes

Without the aid of a human diversion in search of something real

Being comfortable with what's in front of the camera

And no longer running behind comforting gates to avoid it

No longer eager to be the child running with scissors

Cutting holes in every single parade float before the show began

Turning over a newer leaf didn't happen overnight

Give it some time and patience for it to somewhat happen.

Tired of looking for these every single day.

Tired of looking for these every single day.

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