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The Gold Within - Treasure in The Heart

Gold Can Be Mesmerising


Gold and fashion


Man sweats and toils to see it glisten

The gold it lies so deep under the earth

Man sweats and toils to see it glisten

Sheer excitement and mirth

Many have lost their lives to find this
gold, for all its worth.

Faces blackened and sweat on the brow

Its all about the promise of the future, it's all in the now
The true gold lies within

The quietness of spirit
away from all the din.

The heart at rest, the focus eternal
Where God abides, the very kernel
of our fragile mortal beings

Be still and wait for His Spirit to settle
and abide in His rest and love.

Golden Moments in Nature


Enticing promises

Many have come to grief for the sake of power and money. Lost families and the true love that really counts

Make A Beautiful Gold Card

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