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The Glorious Era of Past Times

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I try to relate to the past when planning for the future. And poems are a great way to address our contingencies and unseen future.

Bare Tree Under Starry Night

Bare Tree Under Starry Night

As I sit back and ruminate about our meetings of yore,

In the silence of my being, I witness serene valleys and stoic mountains,

All standing testimony to our colorful meetings,

Reminding me how the past comes to haunt unsuspectingly,

Into remembering it despite all our present preoccupations.

The bygone age with its constant nudging’s either spur us into momentum,

Or pull us back into the abyss of despair and grief,

You may consider it a coincidence of getting exactly the replica,

Of what you thought in your consciousness of your being,

This is the ‘Golden mean’ which our ancestors referred to.

The more you witness the past in the cacophony of your thoughts,

The more it winds you into its fold and sucks up the passion,

“Don’t despair “, a feeble voice sprung from within,

Not all past layers take you back in time,

But some elevate you up the horizon with its lessons and experiences.

How I yearn for the memories of the past to relive it once again into my present,

The colorful characters which made my life riveting enough,

No matter what the present and future hold for us,

The past will always be etched forever in our memories.

© 2021 Danny