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The Gloom



These sleepless nights
These restless days
These senseless fights
These doomed ways
These dishonest tricks
These gaped bricks
Make me feel dead inside
These violent nicks
How to be happy
What does a laughter mean
How to cure these miseries
To whom shall I lean
This is a trek
I won't go long
My heart is shred
I just won't prolong
I need my light
I need my sight
A shoulder to cry on
A partner to count on
I hope in this gloom, to find my way
To a beautiful world, where I feel like home
Where there's love and harmony
Where I'm no more alone

© 2020 Zuni


Aqsa on September 12, 2020:

i can feel it

Ruby on September 08, 2020:

In love with this piece of poetry

Ainy on September 08, 2020:

this realy speaks a thousand words. Loved it

Zuni (author) from Scotland on September 03, 2020:

Thank you!

Prithviraj Shirole from India on August 31, 2020:

The poem is beautiful and deep.

Sahar from Karachi, Pakistan on August 30, 2020:

Awsome and i wish u find someone in your life

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