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The Gift of a Hug


The hug is given in all heartfelt meaning,

Provides us a warmth, on friends, leaning.

Given from within, its purpose, so shared,

Letting someone to know how you cared.

No better way to express all true affection,

The feelings held inside, a good reflection.

In times of need, as all seems to be so lost,

No more worthy of an act, without any cost.


Is not so human when we just give a shrug,

As all, it takes to help a fellow human, a hug.

A lift from the darkness, this brightening act,

No more aloneness, having friends, as exact.

Were we meant to live in solitude, to be alone,

Never give a helping hand, not ever to atone?

Could we to forsake our responsibilities, ignore,

Our God above us has so much more in store.


No more simple act of caring, this life we're to share,

kinder celebration, such an ovation, none to compare.

Hugs help decide our fate, with our feelings, declaring,

We are as one in this universe, united, love unsparing.


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