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The Gift So Great


Of all those gifts of this our finest world, no finer one to be,

Each precious breath that we all do take, is ours, is so free.

Every creature that walks, that flies, or to swim, knows is so,

No grander privilege was ever held, no greater love to show.

The Creator of all does give us each a life without any cost,

All are meant to live out their numbered time, without a loss.

Those smallest and the greater ones to be, to have a home,

Every child that's so born on the earth has its chance to roam.


Humankind has been so blessed, the wondrous responsibility,

In a maintaining, of preserving precious soils, oceans to infinity.

We're provided a means of serving life, this is easy to be found,

We never have to search very far, for all our gifts do so abound.

All of the flora and fauna, deserve the best that we may share,

There's never reason, or rhyme, of one single life not to spare.

Our Father knows and under His Watch, all have a life, so fair.

Never is a day that may go by, without His most attended care.


Every minute we have is to be so cherished by us all, is seen.

Not a single day that passes us by, the land so lush, so green.

The bluest skies and dappled clouds, on a canvas, displayed,

Azure seas and grand tall trees, upon the setting is conveyed.

Fresh air we breathe, every breath to say, is a gift of His love,

While our Father rests in celestial heights, up in the sky above.

We are meant to remain and improve our lot, as days do pass,

He awaits at heaven's gates when we complete our lives at last.


© 2018 whonunuwho