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The Genuine Article of Relationship Clothing

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Acrobats are people who loved to live dangerously

Always flaunted between security and peril

Sometimes wondered what it was like to be

Without a safety net of any kind whatsoever

Flinted about between buildings with no protection

Could fall any time depending which way the wind blew

Scared of being thousands of feet above solid ground

No support of the crowd or the security guards

That just left the premises because of protestors

Felt completely naked even dressed from head to toe

Palms sweating so bad that the rope couldn't be held

Hand eye coordinator shot to shreds completely

Heart raced faster than an Indy 500 pacer car

Or a Harley Davidson going at top speed

Around the Autobahn avoiding law enforcement

What was with all emotional theatrics going on?

Well, started to finally come to terms with

How I'm feeling about the future and it looked bright

Decided to not be afraid of what comes next

Tired of wondering if a false move or a mistake made

One bad slip of the tongue not necessarily a death sentence

The end of a blossoming year long relationship

Most successful partnership had in a long time

Full of trust, laughs and loads of playtime

Hand holding as pleasurable as the other delights

Snuggling a comforting component after a hard work week

Realized that emotional declaratives can be done

Just not with as much schmaltz as a bad greeting card

Time to drop the safety net and wear that badge of courage

Falling into the abyss not a forgone conclusion

Accepted that not every relationship was fully in sync

Some things happened faster for others

Due to the past and fears of the traditional future

Burned the rule book in the fireplace full heat

Turned into a pile of ashes and memories of what's proper

Eager to start from scratch and explore all possibilities

Ready. Set. Go, whatever comes your way.

Accept it and move onto the next phase.

Here lies the scorched rulebook from days past.

Here lies the scorched rulebook from days past.

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