The Gentle Tzar

Updated on March 16, 2018

I might shake your cover

Give space to your other

As I write this song

You might want to sing along

You and the innumerable throngs

Gazing upon this little creature

Located somewhere between strong and weak

Who can stand under your dominant behaviour?

Yet this is what we all seek

The rarest sense of duty

The unrivalled fury

The love that is charity

Driving in a car for one but shared by two

How awful it is when you’re lost from view

And we’re left to stew

I wonder when you knew

That your identity was stolen

Your face would be the only token

That any who remained would have to hold

Summoned as a traitor by the gentle and the gold

The beautiful and bold

They, so very young

We, so very old

Yet what choice would we have but to do as we are told?

I stare at that ring

The ring of a hireling

Trying a thing

When he should sing

Sing your praise

How he haggles for his raise

A sly, sexual sound

A repulsive try and then an awkward, ugly bound

How did you survive in their town?

Everything, everything was meant to bring you down

But you’re still around

And your beauty still abounds

What a treat you are

When you’re the one driving that glorious car

The gentle tzar

My first little star

I still wonder what you are

Have you every been in love with a man with a split personality? You adore both aspects of this brooding soul - his gentleness and his dark rage. Still, the violent duality can be overwhelming. And the struggle implied may well be compounded by other relationships that seek to shackle such a man to pain and heartbreak. You wish that you could set him free from all those entanglements so that he could fly; fly away with you into the beatific life of pure happiness and fulfilment. But you can't. All you can do is contemplate the situation and hope that one day he will see those relationships for what they are. If you pray with pure intentions and never give up on him, one day he will come into his truth...


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