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The Garden Rose

in a garden of flowers

by the kings palace

a blossom stood out!

with petals so soft,

the hue of a passion

so flushed and so fair.

its name was rose,

its splendor uncompare

the gardner a boy

not even a man

spent day in

and day out

with this bloom

Oh so fair!

he watered and he sang

to be with his rose

his only true love

but the king

a jealous one indeed

wanted to rose

all to himself

he spited the gardner

for his tender love and care

until one day enough was enough

and the king plucked the rose

then took it away

the gardner poor gardner

what could he do

except end his own

for a life with out love

is no life at all

and the garden was lost

the beauty it had

was nothing at all​

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