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The Garden Feeling

I’m tilling a row in my heart
where the soil of my life
needs some new gardening

I’m waiting for the light
to begin a new start, where
green grows from pardoning
the things I did to your life

your life
your life

But was it really you at all
There was so much time in between
A memory wrapped up in a dream

I’m digging as hard as I can
The hard shell of distance
It will never be divided
as much as it may seem

my life
my life

Which one is it?
Yours or mine?

At what point did we fall behind?
We wanted to pass the time quickly
Then what was far away is now yesterday
And we remember what we will

Is there a flower to believe in
Is it worth opening another heart?
It’s like light breaking through a cloud
The healing is always in the feeling