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The Gambler's Longest Losing Streak on Record

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Started the day with the illusion that my head

Severed from my body completely

Total separate entities with no way for a reunion

Probably based on the idea of current sentiment

Feeling completely disconnected from the world

Adrift in a sea of floating one hundred dollar bills

Passing by at a rate that would make Superman faint

From the shock of money vanishing as quickly as it's earned

Even the Hulk would want to smash something because of it

Unable to cope with the feeling of two large stone tables

Pressed onto the chest of an everyman type

Struggling to find joy in a very contentious environment

Where the flames get snuffed out even faster than they're fanned

Cruelty dished out as a cold appetizer to those looking for scraps

Rather than the main course of the routine brass ring

Always within arm's length, but never grabbing onto it

Laughed away by the perpetual optimists who dismiss the stress

With the wave of their right hand and a standard phrase of reassurance

One that involves accepting each hand of cards that life dealt for the day

Hard to stomach when the hand is the worst seven cards ever

Kenny Rogers' Gambler on the biggest losing streak in decades

Las Vegas odds makers won't even bet on this defeated horse

Critics insulting the intelligence of the disgruntled masses

Looking to get through the day without losing all rational thought

Not wanting to give someone the finger on the way home

Or running a red light just because it was possible to do so

Sadly, the tablets are getting heavier and heavier

With no one around to help because they've lost faith

And they're stuck in their own perpetual bubbles of their own making

Forced to resign to a less than favorable deck

That can't be reshuffled until a winner is chose

Whenever that will be.

Pick a card, any card.

Pick a card, any card.