The Gala Went Solitaire

Updated on December 21, 2017

The garden of her herbalist hold dear like no other divinest. How he armed her she met her greater forces. To be charmed let the dream begin this is our time

How could this amazing time turn into a such a fun Gala then twist like a tornado into a "Saga of Recluse"

I found my love like river of

the finest Gallo's

But the great lakes got


Nothing felt remarkable army of pain

so unthinkable

I wasn't the life of the party

Judy's turn to cry celebration of the


How did love turn to resentment

Like a game of solitaire

I was the only Saint

So many important people

Then I was so alone

Playing cards Kate of spade

This was my fate lonely solitaire

How someone seated me

Like the hunch back of Notre Dame

but privately in the back room

so deliberate

I felt like the underdog

love and hate

The Gala he was built to my fire

Bringing in the fire log

Like this was a contest

A toast and killer roast of pigs

My Saga hogs of the Rite

The VIP section the Elite

All over the website

I was the eremite

Like I was eliminated in the game

Acting like the Thirties of Dames

Like being "Supercharged"

The fantasy "Hanzel" and "Gretal"

Goth-like Gala Lady of the Damn

More dramatic dark sky edge

I was the modern Millie and he's the

Turn of the century "Terminator" with some

wicked grudge

The lover of darkness demeanor was not

a "College" of "Princeton University"

a major or only the minor

The study of love and pain

But hardship decreases what sin

The structure face value increases

The Brooklyn bridges submerges

Yet still, alight like a chuckle

at our experiences between the

new and old testament

Our differences buckle up it's a

bumpy ride the Bette Davis

Rumors spread all gratis

of controversy no charge

I needed more privacy Gala of a

well known artist Yin and Yang

Her gallant diamond roundly

New cloud of talent appeared

All torn apart with contradictory

the Gala party became another story

The shy and the hiding

But the next answer everyone was

interested in a silver lining

There's no denying alone like a hermit

Then it happens

you became moneyless having nothing

To have and to hold next to embrace

Just look at her face

"Sadness" met your "Vulnerability"

Holding your lonely drink by yourself

All entrepreneurs are partying

How they are pompous to

only love them truly

And the money is counterfeit slowly

Those homepreneurs turned fake

So pretentious now you were the

pretender, he was still complaining

The new momentum

Everything was initially an investment

Star Wars popular coffee grind

That social environment keeps you busy

The science fiction of another Gala

You became the talk of the party

For the Grace of God no more


The French Chamber so serene and divine Gala its rich history and love behind it

Star Wars Celebration like the New Millennium come join me

This was the events of all the best times friends are like the "Gold" we hold them near to us it's not fun to be alone

© 2017 Robin Carretti


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 3 weeks ago from Shelton

      you do have a very unique.. clever style keep up the good work

    • RobinReenters profile image

      Robin Carretti 4 weeks ago from Hightstown

      Hello, my friend, I love all your power of words everyone feels the emptiness but we have a great abundance to move forward in our own happiness but being lonely is what a person is doing to themselves they need to have more life in action then live there life that has an inaction that they are doing nothing

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 4 weeks ago from london

      A good take on the vanity of it all; how sometimes one can get incredibly lonely in those situations. In my movie, there are six concubines fighting for name, power, fame and one who does not want to have anything to do with it. She doesn't even want to be the Queen and yet all this attracts the King.

      God is the King that seeks only the virtuous. He has no need of anything else. So perhaps you see that power and pelf will ultimately leave you lonely. If so, great!!