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The Gagman

A graduate of Business Management. Makatang Pilipina is also a Certified Nursing Aide.

The Gagman

Humorist, they often called
Funny as what people told
Laugh and cry with their words
Forget problems and behold

In the streets, you can see them
On comedy bars, you can find them
On television, you can watch them
A precious, irresistible gem

You will always see them happy
Joking and all the time funny
Tears will never have a space
On a Gagman's jolly face

Grinning and lucky as we can see
Yet solitary shows off the real he
Everything's a facade
Hiding the pain from his field

Gagman's duty isn't easy as to pee
Hilarious jokes, as their works ought to be
Things should all be made pleasant
For they're an angel sent from above

© 2019 Makatang Pilipina

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