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The Fun Begins

My Wife Loves Christmas

They say you marry someone like your mother

Maybe they are right

My mom loved Christmas

I know her mom loved Christmas too

When my mother passed away

I lost interest in Christmas

My wife loves to decorate our house and our tree

I will always help and then after the house is looking nice

I am o.k. with it

All the lights and pretty ornaments on the tree

The different decorations spread though out the house

Every day moments brought in a different light

This year when so many things get people depressed and down

It good to see something that lifts us up

We have a small home

So I go downstairs and pull out a half dozen plastic containers loaded with all different decorations

I carry them up one by one

Then we take down pictures and certain decorations left out

Put them in the containers as we switch them out

My wife knows exactly where each Christmas decoration goes

Once and awhile she will change them up

Tomorrow we will put up our Christmas tree

As I look around

A warm feeling comforted me

Our home looks extra special in so many little ways

We did it together

Makes me the happiest of all

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