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The Full Moon Shines for True Love

Young Lovers


I walked under the dark shadow of the mighty Oaks in the twilight’s icy chill, near the river’s edge to wait for my lover who will come to me soon,

this night of the Full Moon.

With his bright smile and happy voice letting me know he is on his way,

to touch my heart with what he has to say.

His blue eyes shined as the light filtered through the trees--- lit up his face for a brief moment---and my heart does not beat for seconds, much to endure,

I am sure.

My parents would not bless our love and we both died of broken hearts---but love is blessed by the Angels Spiritual Designs,

so every Full moon we can see each other for as long as the full moon shines.

We talked and danced until our spirits yearned for our lips to touch and we disappeared from sight,

as we talk and danced the entire time. Behold our love for our heart’s delight as we waltzed until the sun pushed out the night.

He left me when our spirits started to fade back into our spirit’s home on another plane that floats undetected above this world---waiting for our place in line to live again--- through another birth,

and to meet again---to marry this time on earth.

Toby Keith - Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You

Spirit World Gives Second Chances

I believe if you did not find your true love on earth---then, you are sent back to earth for another chance. You will not remember the experience until you have once again gone home to the spirit world with your true love.

Who can prove this is not true--it is what I believe and feel? Live life to its fullest with joy in your heart.

How many times will one come back from the spirit world to seek true love? We will not remember it--so how can one doubt it?

Love, Lost and Found

© 2021 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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