The Full Circle Paradox

Updated on June 22, 2018

We landed, one early morning of June, in the US of A;

not too different 'twas by civil infrastructure, I daresay,

from the city we came from, back home in India;

well determined were we to keep away all phobia,

associated with any first-time travel to a far-off land;

and being non-judgmental, for situations to understand.

According to the general all-around prognostication,

went well the initial days, deep in somnolent stipulation;

excitement had taken its toll, being implored recompense;

our bodies slowly adjusted to the altered diurnal cadence;

cautiously attempt to interact, we did, with the surrounds;

feelings felt new, so did visuals, olfactions, and sounds.

Horrifying it was to behold vehicles to the right

different familiarities interpreted a traffic blight;

for a habituation lasting six decades and more,

the inertia to change, it was unfair to deplore;

but this liberality on behavior also meant,

the vow of tolerance had begun to relent.

On a positive note, there was a theme of disbelief;

upon avowals, it still qualified as arbitrary relief;

to walkers at road-crossings, precedence was given;

by all drivers, rule-abidance was consciously striven;

this was a miracle, 'cause for road-users from our climes,

such conduct would have killed 'em a hundred times.

The span of daylight was another matter of trepidation;

an ordeal it was guessing time by the sun's inclination;

routines went for a toss, mundane living was at a loss,

that we were in America was our only remaining gloss;

by now the will to stay uncritical, by a distance had slid;

the binding between purpose and action became undid.

Thunderstorms today, the weatherman predicted,

and deftly contrived to remain un-contradicted;

a few distant rumblings for an acoustic backdrop;

intermittent wind-gusts to keep the pretense upprop;

one such surge, being manipulatively circumspect,

yanked free a brief from the clothesline, for effect.

The abandoned, orphaned brief, on the sidewalk lay,

trampled upon by folks, as they went about their way;

many more ignominies it endured, uncomplainingly,

until a homeless person claimed it, quite delightedly;

he quickly squeezed it, with a furtive glance around,

into a frayed backpack, with assorted things enwound.

Watched all this in wide-eyed amazement did we,

with a little disillusion and a little more of glee;

here was an accustomed incident at long last;

weathermen, flying briefs, were universal typecasts;

in the warmth of thrill, the residual gloss was shed;

going about this strange land was no more a dread.

In our eagerness to demonstrate probity,

waylaid victims we become of the oddity,

where, to be non-judgmental, is to be so,

criticism is the tool for meanings to hoe;

the phenomenon is the Full-Circle Paradox,

among geeks, it is a thing that just rocks!

Have you faced the Full Circle Paradox?

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      • profile image

        Matthew Selvam 

        9 months ago

        Worth reading. Very well written. Sure by the end of your trip you will have written a book. Have Fun. God Bless.

      • profile image

        V Savitha 

        9 months ago

        Very well written.

      • profile image

        R Chandramouli 

        9 months ago

        Your visual..postorey ..(if there can be such a word for your articulation ) is phenomenal

      • profile image

        S Shankar 

        9 months ago

        Great way to express the cultural differences - with wonderful graphics and well worded poem - says it all!

      • profile image

        Shradha Ahuja 

        9 months ago

        Beautifully composed! So well described :)

      • profile image


        9 months ago

        Thanks for sharing.Very well articulated as always and the presentation so creative.We always wonder how you do it in such an impressive way!Remindsus of what we went through in our earlier years in this country and later,as visitors!!

      • RJ Schwartz profile image

        Ralph Schwartz 

        9 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

        Great presentation to point out cultural differences that most of us overlook. Informative, funny, creative, and worth the read

      • manatita44 profile image


        9 months ago from london

        You express yourself in a different way. You are a story-teller Bro, and a great one. Continue ... continue

      • Senoritaa profile image

        Rinita Sen 

        9 months ago

        This is a great poem, and written to mean so much between the lines. Swinging between cultures is always hard at first, but we eventually come to realize that basic human behavior is the same everywhere. Thanks for sharing.


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