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The Fruit In My Garden

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


In the Eastern part of my compound

Have I planted seeds of different kinds

These seeds grow to become trees of their kinds

Those trees soon started producing fruits

Of their kinds. Nutritious fruits, fruits

That people will always desire to have

Out of all these fruits one has been

Exceptional for it is the fruit that

Gives me uncommon satisfaction when eaten

A fruit that nourishes my body like never

It always makes me to desire for more

The more I eat it the more I love to eat it


It is the special fruit that I love

To have with me always. The only

Fruit that I cannot do without a day

Whenever I am downcast get me this fruit

And my appearance will change. If you want

Me to be optimally performing get me this

Fruit and I shall be at my best

When I am not inspired to do a thing

The presence of this fruit stimulates me

As I become inspired to fire on.

By the fruit of love I have survived hardships,

I have moved the mountains, I have achieved

Special dear in the world

The fruit of love is uncommon fruit I have found

In my garden...


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