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The Four Seasons of the Year

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Mar is a child educator and an English lit graduate who enjoys reading and writing poems, articles, and short stories on various topics.


Summer, Spring, fall, and winter are the four seasons throughout the twelve months of the year each composed of nearly three months of duration.

But these seasonal changes doesn't only exists in our climate or weather, our life also goes in the manner and phases. Springtime, Summer, Fall, and Winters are the four seasons of life. These seasons are built on the several cycles that humans go through each annum.

Spring represents our childhood; summer, our adolescence; autumn, our middle age; and lastly, winter, our senior years. The simplicity of our childhood gradually fades into the heated spirit of summer, which is our youth, before moving on to autumn, or midlife, when we are preoccupied with our professions and commitments, and lastly to old age, or winter, when everything are somehow no longer as interesting. A compilation of quotations about the seasons of life is provided here to help you in your journey through life.

Poem starts below;


"Four Seasons"

A garden full of flowers

with most colors combined

colorful flowers brought by spring

they don't speak ,but they do shine

The flowers then looked down

of the thirst and high heat

it was summer they should struggle

to get upward and succeed

Now I see them resting lonely

feed on storage which they have earned

it was cold and it was winter

they have struggled they have learned

To the one ,leaving garden

It's the time ,say good bye

their children will remain

it is fall they will die

these four stages through the year

winter ,summer, spring and fall

show lifecycle of ,us ,men

born, grow, struggle then die all



© 2021 Mar

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