The Four Seasons of Love

Updated on April 14, 2018

Seasons of Love

As in nature and in love there are four seasons

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn

Love blossoms as a flower for its reasons

Starting with winter germination and a tender gardener’s thumb

Growing into friendship and blooming to flowers of colorful emotion

Allegiance never fails; petals fall together in complete devotion


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The seeds of our flowers are first planted

Feeding off friendship that started our relation

Something magical occurred, so enchanted

Roots develop starting a foundation

Into rich soil of our affinity

Providing nourishment for infinity



Sprouts of our love begin to surface

Growing ever stronger from the heat of our passion

And from the rain of our tears of purpose

Giving seedlings of our affection plenty of daily ration

Summer gets closer hour by hour

Our love is about to fully flower



Our plants have grown and started to blossom

More and more petals begin to unveil

Finally, they open in colors so awesome

Soon we walk the flowery trail

I give you my pledge, my vow, and my sacred word

Yes, my pledge, my vow, and my sacred word



Time passes, and it gets cold

Our plants start to weaken and wither

Nothing can be done about being old

And back to the ground where they hither

Our bodies eventually demise; they don’t last forever

But the eternal flame that is our love burns forever and ever.

© 2018 MDresel


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    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 9 days ago from Australia

      Lovely walk through the seasons and the cycles of life.