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The Forgotten Bride...A Vampire's Poem



Oh my love you have forgotten me

The nights of passion gone

It is her face only that you see

To you alone, my heart and soul i have sworn


Chasing after a dream

Of a long dead heart

Can you not hear my soul scream?

The longer we are apart


All that i have given is lost

As you seduce another

Does she know the cost?

Of taking you as a lover

For you I live in hell

Feasting on the blood of mortals

Totally caught in your dark spell

One of your dark devils

But you turn away

Leaving it all behind

Reaching into the forbidden light of day

A monster, now suddenly refined

My soul forever tainted

Distorted by you my lover

I am now an evil that can’t be sated

Abandoned by my dark father


Her hair shines in the sunshine

Far from flickering candlelight

Does she know you were once mine?

As into the night you entice


Hide the devil behind the smile

The monster deep inside

So easy to seduce and beguile

Your new chosen bride


I can sense her growing fears

As she begins to fall

Can you at all feel my tears?

As you start to enthrall


She has captured your soul

Breaking our century old bond

Your heart and mind hers whole

Taking you away, beyond...

Oh my love you have forgotten me

Why is yet then that i still yearn

For the way it used to be

Hoping uselessly for the night you might return

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© 2010 K.A.E Grove

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