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The Fool and The Wise

Honeylyn L. Casquijo loves to write funny poems which off course ended with lessons.

In his own world

he is the master of his soul

he never listens flattering words

and mendacious praises

he rather chirps with birds

singing songs of rhymes and rhythms

and decorates his face with a smile

whom no artist could ever paint.

He's the author of his fate

and writes his own story of life

he's murmuring his alphabet

he's preaching like a prophet

out from his mysterious novel

are unbelievable stories of unwell.

He's the only king sitting in throne

as if the mightiest lion in his jungle

no other man wishes to claim his crown

if all of a sudden the world comes to frown.

A wise man's words are full of wisdom

but he speaks amidst the crowd with sarcasm

he knows how to flatter

his tongue knows no manner

whether he says the truth or false

he should defend his realm's credibility

by misleading his audience with deception.

Competition in the world of man

is stiff and crucial

and wise man pretends to be wiser

so he can rule and conquer

unlike the throne of a fool

whom nobody wishes to claim

in the world of fame and glory

every deceitful man

behaves as if he is a wise man.

Credit to via pinterest for the photo.


© 2021 Honeylyn Casquijo

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