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The Flickering Candle


The Flickering Candle

We all need goals to keep us moving,

Struggles to add charm to our achievements.

Like the candle flame that flickers in the storm

Trying hard to shine in its brightest form,

And yet failing to keep its composure.

So it keeps on trying

Flickering away through time,

Exhausting its fuel,

Consuming its patience and energy

While waiting for the wind to stop teasing it.

And so stops the storm

Finally putting an end to its misery,

And the candle, at last, shines bright,

Sighing relief!

But though it is the much-awaited moment

It does not feel content,

Like a mystery that baffles it!

“Is the quest not over yet?” it thinks,

And it wonders,

“What now?”

Farah N Huq



© 2022 Farah N Huq

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