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The First Day of the Season

Ravi loves writing poetry, within the cusp of human behavior and nature, where boundaries are blurred and possibilities are immense

The First Day of the Season

The word "first" is quite powerful and holds immense possibilities. Be it the first love, the first breakup, or even the first monsoon rains that bring the petrichor of sweet earth teasing our nostrils. There is always a promise in the word "first," a promise of hope, new tidings, or even peace that we can expect in the future.

The below poems are a series of haikus and tankas based on the magical first day of every season: spring, autumn, and winter. They are inspired by dear hubber Brenda Arledge's week 53-word prompt "First."

On the First Day of Spring

From all directions,

winds bring petals of cherry.

Finally, spring comes.

The beginning of spring,

the majestic sea and clouds,

dressed in the same blue.

On the ancient road,

all the colorful spring flowers,

seem way too gaudy.

In this warm spring rain,

tiny leaves of love are sprouting,

from my surging heart.

On the First Day of Autumn

Chilly autumn rains,

a spider is trapped within

a clump of fragile grass.

Bitter autumn winds,

a fragile gate groans in pain.

Slammed without mercy.

Chilly autumn winds,

a lone monkey warms its hands.

Just like a human.

Withered by autumn,

in the one-colored world,

the sounds of wind blow.

The rare autumn sun,

shows its absolute power,

between the icy rains.

On the First Day of Winter

A wintry day at work

gazing outside the window

red-blue violets

prance under the wintry skies

Thank God it is Friday.

Calm, foggy morning

my thoughts in deep solitude

disturbed brazenly

by the sorrowful mourning

of a brokenhearted cuckoo.

Quiet winter sunset

again fills us with deep hope

as we walk hand in hand

searching for common feelings

to sustain our fragile love.

The voice of wintry winds

remind me of yesterday

your words resonating

the sheer feeling of wholeness

of a delighted lover.

© 2022 Ravi Rajan

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