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The First Time-Teachers

astha is a undergraduate girl , who is still studying .she is presently studying at school level.

Teacher "a Boon" !

The first time you are in a kindergarten

You might be in a worry , a little sadden

Cause you are away from your dear parents

But as time goes on , you see new children

And you make friends for the first time then


This is the place where you get the first impression of a teacher

You keep on crying as you were to fill up a bicker

She helps you out in every way and becomes your secret keeper

She tells you not to weep as other's would think you a meeker

Every time she teaches you ,you become a good reader


Well, that was the first step of your schooling year

But now as you grow older and older

Time comes to get separated from your beloved teachers

As time comes nearer and nearer

Some kind of things comes in your mind ,but don't give it an ear


Finally,you end up your schooling years

Your teacher is very happy as you come out with flying colors

You were also very happy but now you are utterly bitter

Cause you are about to get separated from your favorite teachers

But at last ,she is the one who tells you that life is great and goes on forever!

© 2018 astha singh

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