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The First Nail


On the hill, was so far away, where our Christ payed for every sin,

That time of His death, when our change in our lives did all begin.

As a rugged cross held Him there, He was so tortured, in such pain.

Then sins of the many, were washed away, as by the cleansing rain.

Dear Jesus was born on Christmas Morn, was a very long time ago,

The stable there, where he did share, with creatures we all do know.

His Mother Mary and father Joseph, both with him throughout night,

As the Wise Men came from Asian lands, were led by a star so bright.

When that first nail was driven then, deep into His most precious hand,

The hurt that He must have felt, to us such pain so hard to understand.

He was wronged and so tortured was this man, once a teacher of Galilee.

As He prayed there for their forgiveness then, His Father on High did see.

This most righteous one, the own true son, of our only creator up above,

Who had given His life so we could stay, in heaven and share His love.

Then was reborn and as he arose again, our new savior, His spirit divine,

As stars in the night all shined, heralded him, of his sanctity, us to remind.

Thank you, oh our holy Father, for your sacrifice, your all, that you gave,

You shall always remind us each, of a life you had lived, were so brave.

We will celebrate your birth and to be so mournful for your life was lost,

Our prayers we send to the heavenly God, for our forgiveness, of its cost.

That first nail, then followed by two more, as sins of all the people to soar,

At long last, as the final thrust was cast, was forgiven, all the sins no more.

What did it take, the loss, one that our Father God to make, on that shore,

As a storm to wash away our wrongs, the lightnings to flash, rain to pour?

On the third day, he did rise again, our savior, behind him, an old life to end,

He arose, cast aside old clothes, adorned a new robe, spiritual life to begin.

The love of the savior, and our God, the Father, is why we're all born again,

Given a greatest gift to human kind, a wondrous peace of mind, without end.

Thank you Dearest Father.

Thank you Dearest Father.