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The First Few Moments

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Imagine that first moment,

Full of love and joy and peace.

Imagine seeing worlds

You never though you'd see.

Imagine looking in the eyes

Of those long left behind.

Imagine wiping glistening tears

From friends once passed away.

Imagine that first warm embrace,

That long forgotten hug.

Imagine smelling once again

The fragrance of lost love.

Imagine that sweet sound

Of loved ones' laughing voices.

Imagine all those precious moments

You've shared throughout the years.

Imagine how the age of sorrow

And all your bitter tears,

Will turn to rays of sunshine

And melt away all fear.

And there instead of sadness,

You'll find a brighter ray

Of sunshine, joy and gladness

In Heaven that first day.

In memory of my beloved mother and precious friends who have passed on. 'Til we meet again.