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The Fighter's Path

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood

Keep going!

Keep going!

Haze comes drifting in over the path,

A dark night where moon’s light guides.

A lantern burns red in my strong hand,

The sword in my right glimmers brave.

Rustling in the bushes as I pass,

Evil snickers from ne’er-do-wells.

They are of no consequence to me,

No obstacle shall they be.

Looking forward through this unrelenting haze,

Trees overgrown blot out the moon’s light.

I’m pressing onward with unbroken determination,

To meet my success that awaits beyond struggle.

Gnashing thorns upon my skin draw blood,

Every fine prick a memory to learn from.

Leaving behind traces of tears and flesh,

They decay but the truth of my soul remains.

Deeper into the abyss I go excited and passionate,

Red eyes glow as they watch on from beyond.

Claws grasping desperate at my ankles as I begin to run,

I’m unstoppable, untouchable, unbreakable.

The dawn is coming as I press on to glory,

The sweet scent of success lingering in the air now.

Blood-stained footsteps lost on the path behind me,

Enemies left to rot in the darkness of the night.

They waited for me to return and so have I come,

Wandering in the dark wilderness brought wisdom.

Now is the time to learn from the light of day,

Bask in the love I fought so hard to achieve.


Marissa from Nigeria on July 27, 2020:

Determination and persistence brings the crown home. Beautiful piece and it serves as an encouragement to anyone going through the difficulty phase right now. It would pass eventually! Just stay focused and be determined!

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on July 26, 2020:

@Danny, Ruby: Persistence in the fight, even with poetry, is something I hope to maintain long into the future in all my endeavors! With wonderful people like you guys cheering me on, there's no way I can fail!

Thank you so much for reading!

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on July 25, 2020:

Your poetry is picking up steam. Fighting for your life and finding yourself in the process is a victory we all want. Keep writing poetry...

Danny from India on July 25, 2020:

Lovely poem Kyler. It shows the power of persistence.

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on July 24, 2020:

From one fight to the next, and only fighting harder as they train my muscles!

Thanks for reading!

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on July 24, 2020:

Keep up the fight Kyler, and keep writing poetry. Good job.

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on July 24, 2020:

Absolutely, Ann, and thanks for stopping by! I'm feeling quite poetic today, now if only I were a poet worthy of my own acceptance, ha!

Ann Carr from SW England on July 24, 2020:

Powerful poetry, Kyler. It has a determined rhythm. We do have to fight for what we believe in and the harder the fight, the better the reward.


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