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The Feminine Born Mystique Identity

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Women are fascinating creatures that many don't fully visualize

A lot of men dismiss many as window dressing or too much trouble

Look closely, gentlemen, there are a few diamonds in the rough

Ready to be plucked from the ground and to be revered

As more than mere trinkets or red carpet arm candy

An idea that even traditional feminists can get behind

Stepping out from the old school suburban kitchen

Into a world often dominated by traditional dinosaur stereotypes

Sounds like the premise of a classic spy novel

Where the femme fatale traipses around in next to nothing

Seducing and destroying men like they were her toys to play with

And toss aside when they were deemed no longer fun anymore

Sure, most women have an inner Catwoman in them

Eager to come out at a moment's notice to play with you

Perfect balance of Eartha Kitt and Michelle Pfeiffer for good measure

Right amount of 60s kitsch with 90s cool girl behavior

Women have made some steps forward in creating their own separate identity

Running major corporates and going into politics sometimes

Some conservative circles still believe they are secondary characters

There are a select group of women who preferred to be background players

Many often forced into that situation based on timing and circumstance

A Gwen Verdon next to a much flashier high profile Bob Fosse

Not that there's anything wrong with being someone's plus one

Just gets annoying to have to be the one keeping things together

A behind the scenes fixer upper who always made their partner look good

A silent partner always off to their side while their politically inclined spouse

Rises to the podium as a victor in a long vicious mudslinging contest

Known as an election, when it was really just an adult version of playground politics

Ladies, take off those plastered on smiles from your surgically enhanced faces

Let's eradicate that narrow image of what a woman should be

No skin tight dresses necessary or allowed

Only go into the kitchen when you feel like it

Traditional roles completely overrated nowadays

Create your own rule book and live by that instead

You'll be happier for it, so will your significant other if you have one.

The woman behind, or side by side, the man.

The woman behind, or side by side, the man.

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