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The Fears We Have


Life is what you make of it At least that's what I hear It's hard to live your life When you're living it in fear Fear of being judged Or not being enough Fear of being eternally single Never having experienced true love Fear of being happy For you feel it won't last Fear of unveiling our true selves So instead we hide behind a mask

Fear of being trusting For we know people lie Fear of being too honest And making someone cry Fear of being Vulnerable For it may be seen as weak Fear of looking different For you may be labeled as a freak Fear is my biggest down fall For it plagues me everyday All my biggest fears You'll find written on this page I hide myself away from the world For I don't think that they'd understand Inside I'm still bent and broken And just trying to find who I am I know that I am strong And happiness I seek Fear can be all consuming And make life look bleak Everyone has a story Everyone is unique Our one common denominator Is the fear that lies beneath If life is what you make of it And I feel that it's true Live your life to the fullest And never let fear control you

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